Campus Management ERP

Specifically designed for Educational Institutes. one stop solution for all your school/College administration as well as Academics management requirements.

Software Features that make it Simple

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Specifically Designed for Educational Institute

This highly customizable scalable solution software for all Educational Institute's activities management. It used map to the processes from student inquiry to final complete degree.

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Manage With Your Mobile

 Mobile App which help parents to get updates about their student time to time. Every student has a unique login and it is provided to student's parents also so they are, anytime login into the Mobile App.

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One Stop School Solution

Quality, Support, Reliability, & Integrity are some of the points which our clients associate our online ERP. This  is the one stop solution for all your school administration as well as school management requirements. It simultaneously joins principals, parents, teachers & management.

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Regular Latest Updates

Keeping in mind the trends of Technological revolutions and educational Policies. We always update our systems to provide the latest configurations in our ERP.

Improving Academics and Teaching

Using this ERP Software you can be assured that your graph for measuring performance will always show an hike due to our yearly detailed analysis report generated by our School Erp Software.

Encourages Transparency

Our online software promotes transparency by providing daily updates of home-work, attendance, school news and activities, circulars, etc.

Improves Efficiency

This School ERP Software generates a reconciled view of yearly collections which helps in determining real time position of funds. Also, different modules generate different reports which helps in keeping a tight handle on things.

Parents Involvement

Parents are connected to school through parent engagement tools such as mobile app which provides regular notifications of home - work, activities etc.

Enhance Reputation

When you open yourself to School ERP you immediately open yourself to success. Our Busy Software pushes for regular communication between parents and school in terms of performance, academics which ultimately results in improving the goodwill and reputation of the school.

No Redundant    Features

No Unnecessary clutter which School authorities will never use. Redundant features lead to complex systems. We are committed to offer easy and user friendly experience to the educational institutes.

Responsive Design For All The Platforms

ERP Modules

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✓ Admission
✓ Student Information
✓ Attendance
✓ Daily diary
✓ Certificates
✓ Circulars
✓ Student Alumni

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✓ Fees management
✓ Wallet management

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✓ Staff attendance
✓ Pay roll
✓ Daily reporting

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✓ LMS (Learning Management System)
✓ Timetable
✓ Lesson planning
✓ Homework/Assignments
✓ Exam & Report card 

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✓ Online classroom
✓ Online examination
✓ Online fees
✓ Online admissions

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✓ Transport
✓ Staff quarters
✓ Library
✓ Store management
✓ Inventory management
✓ Automatic Paper setter
✓ Contacts
✓ Visitor gate pass

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