Online Admission System

Referring to ground level & real time challenges of admission and selection process. we have designed and developed a comprehensive online admission system according to institutes’ nature

Features Of Online Admission System


Home page before login gives detail about available programs, fees structure, eligibility criteria, FAQs, Important dates, etc.

Admission Status

After login, the applicant can check the status of its application by referring to the dashboard where she/he gets details of what information has been filled and how much information is to be filled for final submission.

Applicant portal

Applicants can log in multiple times and resume from where she/he has left

Preview Application

Applicants can preview the college form at any moment

Online payment

Having multiple online payment options such as net banking, debit card, credit card, wallet, etc

Ask Query

By referring to the “Ask Query” and “My Raised Queries” sections, applicants can communicate with authorities of Institutes to get an answer to any query in an effective manner

Benefits To Institutes

A dashboard to get the complete status of online application forms. It also gives a count of application as per program type, programs/branch, category of application, state/city, etc

Role based structure to give access of pages as per the requirement to selected authorities E.g. A person who is managing queries need not have access to other control of dynamic pages such as admission notification, fees structure etc

Application portal will be up and available 24 X 7 without human involvement. Applicants can fill and submit forms any time as per their convenience even on holidays

Applications can be accessed anywhere on the Globe wherever internet connectivity is available. So there is no geographical boundary for applicants to apply online

No paperwork and no standing queues of applicants

Get the application fees amount directly in the bank account of the Institute